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Organizations are dependent on the interaction and exchange with the external environment. Customers and changes in customer behavior  drives the need for change and organizational development. Customer value and financial goals are the ultimate source through which organizational leadership govern the development of the organization. 

Changes in the external environment will call for changes in the internal organization. The alignment of the capabilities within the organization with the external environment can be charachterized as the organizational fitness.

Organizational performance hinges on how well the organization can provide customer value effectively.

Imperatives for organizations

Over time there is a number of different drivers that affect virtually all organizations. These drivers are context and time dependent but would apply to most situations and organizations.

Key drivers are:

Globalization. A term misused by many but  should reflect the fact that "space and time" between different places have decreasingly influence on the production of value. At the same time it reflects a global marketplace characterized by decreasing barriers and increased competition.

Customers. The power on the marketplace is moving towards the customer. Selecting supplier is increasingly easy with new technology.

Innovation: Is the fuel for long term viability.


Multi-culture. On a global market the complexity increases and requires increased organizational complexity in order to meet market requirements. One aspect of the increased complexity is the multi-cultural aspects of markets and organizations.

Technology. Technology is and will be a major driver for change.

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