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"The interface system which delivers the customer experience is the next frontier of competitive advantage —along with the activities, processes, and systems designed to support it."


Rayport, J. F., Jaworski, B. J., & Kyung, E. J. (2005). Best face forward: Improving companies' service interfaces with customers. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 19(4), 67-80.


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Customer Value

The value of the organization is mirrored by the value which it can deliver to its customers.

Understanding customer behavior and customer need is essential when designing products and services valued by the customer.

Market Alignment

The fit between the external environment and market with the internal organization is a key to high performance organizations.

Sensory System

The customer interfaces are the frontline of the organization and are a key sensory system to feel and understand changes in the external environment.

Customer Knowledge

The best knowledge about the customers and market is held by the customers themselves. Managing customer knowledge is a key to competitive advantage.

What's around the corner

Changes in the external environment and market is not moving in a linear way and is difficult to predict.


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