"Transformational management is management that carefully considers the competitive context in which a company finds itself, and that identifies the charachteristics of competition in the future in business activities that the firm wants to pursue."

Robert E. Grosse

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Organizations are disruptively forced to undertake  major changes often due to developments in the external environment and market.

Typically transformation is challenging the existing way of thinking and often requires a new set of values and belifs to drive change into a new future for the organization.

The task of transforming the organization is multidisciplinary and requires a variety of skills and knowledge.


Moving from one centre of gravity to another

While the current state for an organization usually is associated with comfort and security it is a sinking island in the context of disruptive change. Moving from current state into the future state challenges not only organizational leadership but also other stakeholders like customers, owners, employees and society at large. 

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